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I have written controller as follow:

public class CommodityController : Controller
    public ActionResult Vessel()
        return View();
    public ActionResult SelectVessel()
        var query = _productServices.GetAllProducts().ToList();
        var model = PreparedBasicProductModel(query);
        return View(new GridModel(model));


and I have written a view as follow:

@using Telerik.Web.Mvc.UI;
@using Telerik.Web.Mvc;
@model List<VesselSelection.Models.Vessel.ProductModel>

     .DataBinding(dataBinding => dataBinding.Ajax().Select("SelectVessel", "Commodity")
    .DataKeys(keys => keys.Add(c => c.Id))
    .Columns(columns =>
        columns.Bound(c => c.Id).Title("Picture");
        columns.Bound(c => c.Name).Title("Data");
        columns.Bound(c => c.ProductPicture).Title("Command");
    .ClientRowTemplate(grid => "<div class='employee-details'>" +
            "<img class='t-widget' src='<#= ProductPicture #>' alt='<#= Name #>' title='<#= Name #>' />" +
            "<dl>" +
                "<dt>Weight:</dt><dd><#= Weight #></dd>" +
                "<dt>Cost Price:</dt><dd><#= CostPrice #></dd>" +
                "<dt>Vendor:</dt><dd><#= VendorName #></dd>" +
        "<div class='commands'>" + grid.EditButton(null) + grid.DeleteButton(null)     +    "</div>" +

    .Editable(editing => editing.Mode(GridEditMode.PopUp))
    .Scrollable(scrolling => scrolling.Height(500))

My question is that when i run this application data is not binding, so that in grid it showing blank. please help me.

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Have you tried using .OperationMode(GridOperationMode.Client) in your databinding?


.DataBinding(dataBinding => dataBinding.Ajax()
    .Select("SelectVessel", "Commodity")

You could always check the online documentation from telerik when in doubt.

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