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I'm trying to DRY my spec using RSpec's Macros, and I encountered a problem.

describe "..." do
  let!(:blog) { create(:blog) }

  post "/blogs/#{}/posts" do
    # some macros

I want to get access to blog variable but I don't want to do it inside it { ... } block so would be able to use my macros regardless of the resource (e.g. I want to apply it to blogs, posts, comments, etc).

Is it possible?

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I want to get access to blog variable but I don't want to do it inside it { ... } block

Try not to think of let as normally-scoped variable definition. let is a complex helper method for caching the result of a code block across multiple calls within the same example group. Anything you let will only exist within example groups, meaning you can't access a letted "variable" outside it blocks.

require 'spec'

describe "foo" do 
  let(:bar) { 1 }

# => undefined local variable or method `bar'

That said, if you just want to reuse the result of create(:blog) across multiple examples, you can do:

describe "foo" do
  let(:blog) { create(:blog) }

  it "does something in one context" do  
    post "/blogs/#{}/posts"

    # specification

  it "does something else in another context" do  
    post "/blogs/#{}/comments"

    # specification
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