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I'm having a weird problem with websync 4.0: it works fine on my local machine, but when I deploy to a test server I get this error

System.Exception: Publication failed. result : {"channel":"\/n\/95e4d313-27eb-441b-966d-c8630f80ec9a","error":"606::Publisher access is disabled. Publisher access can be enabled by setting server[allowPublishers] to true in web.config.","ext":{"fm.meta":{"ticketID":""}}}

The thing is that I have 2 web applications developed on .net:

  • one for the website
  • one for the websync server

In both web.config files I've added

    <server providerType="FM.WebSync.Server.Providers.Sticky.InProcProvider" httpDirectPublish="true"/>

On localhost (where it works just fine) both IIS applications point to localhost.

From the website project I make a call via javascript to subscribe to a channel, and it works fine on both my machine and the test machine.

But when I try to send a message (and invite both parties to join a private channel) it only works on my local machine (this message sending is done via a http post to a method from the web site server which makes a publish to the websync server thus resulting in that error.)

Any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated.


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The reason your websync is "not reading the web.config" is because you are using deprecated settings. The httpDirectPublish setting was for WebSync 3. For WebSync 4 this has been renamed to allowPublishers.

The documentation for WebSync 4 configuration is here: WebSync 4 Configuration Docs

Your web.config snippet above should look like this for WebSync 4:

    <server allowPublishers="true" providerType="FM.WebSync.Server.InProcProvider" />

NOTE: The FM.WebSync.Server.InProcProvider is the default, so you could technically omit that configuration.

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Ok. After further investigation it turns out that Websync wasn't reading the web.config file (for some unknown reason). I've managed to fix this by adding the following line in code:

Config.Current.Server.AllowPublishers = true;

Where Config is actually fm.websync.server.config

Hope this helps someone :)

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