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This script opens a gnome terminal and 4 tabs in it , but once the program finishes the tabs gets closed so i can't see the output. It doesn't happen when i run each program manually. How can keep the tab open , even when the program is finished .

gnome-terminal --tab -e "optirun yarpserver" \
           --tab -e "sh -c 'sleep 20 ; optirun iCub_SIM'" \
           --tab -e "sh -c 'sleep 86 ; optirun simCartesianControl'" \
           --tab -e "sh -c 'sleep 116 ; optirun iKinCartesianSolver --context simCartesianControl/conf --part left_arm'" \
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Not sure how to do it on the command line (man gnome-terminal doesn't seem to indicate a specific option for that, but you can start a gnome-terminal, set specific options (one of which would be "When command exits: Hold the terminal open"), and save your settings as a specific profile. There is a command-line option for selecting a specific profile to use, so that should accomplish what you want.

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Thanks ! it works ! –  rajat Nov 3 '12 at 16:20

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