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If I have a credential helper set in my ~/.gitconfig, how can I disable/bypass it in a specific repo and use no credential helper?

I've tried editing the repo's .git/config file to blank out the credential.helper property like this:

    helper = 

... but when I do a git push I get the following error message, and Git uses my default credential helper from ~/.gitconfig anyway:

git: 'credential-' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

Did you mean this?

I'm using git version 1.7.12.

(Backstory/use case: Git is configured to use the store helper, which stores passwords unencrypted on disk. The cache helper is unavailable on this system. I have a couple repos for which I'd rather type the password every time rather than keep it on disk.)

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A config variable that is set to an empty string is not the same as an unset variable. It is not possible to force a variable to be unset in .git/config when it is already set in ~/.gitconfig.

Additionally credential.helper is one of these variables where multiple values are used, and in such cases the values are aggregated from all read config files.

So basically your options seem to be:

  • either do not use credential.helper in ~/.gitconfig; set the store helper only for the repositories where you want it, either in their .git/config, or in ~/.gitconfig by specifying the repo URLs, eg.

    [credential "https://specific.example.com/repo.git"]
    helper = store
  • or implement your own helper that does nothing for a set of configured repositories and delegates to git credential-store for the rest.

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