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I am new to Graph Theory . We start at node (1,1) and need to reach node (r,c) , ie a rectangle can be imagined with nodes numbered as 2D cartesian plane , we start our search from top-left node and need to reach bottom-right node . Traversing from one node to other has some weight , so Can a minimum cost path of weighted graph be solved using a BFS (Breadt First Search) in O(n) ?If it is not possible with BFS , could you suggest some different algorithm . Thanks before hand .

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If you're new, then you should definitely look at Dijkstra's algorithm which is the most known algorithm and should do what you want. You could tweak a BFS to do it but it would be very slow (and probably do more of less the same as a Dijkstra). Try it out and come back if you have any problems

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...Or Bellman-Ford algorithm if weights can be negative –  icepack Nov 17 '12 at 17:18

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