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I met this first time in MVC. I have area "Administation" and controller in there "News" with action "List".

In debug i got breakpoint at

public ActionResult List()
    return View(); // Breakpoint

and i get there

but engine cannot find View "List"

I got error:

The view 'List' or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations. The following locations were searched:

View exits in location Areas/Administation/News/List.cshtml

Why Razor don't paste Area name into view view location ?


I found solution: ASP.NET MVC Default routes accessible via area routes

Route route = Routes.MapRoute(name, url, defaults, constraints, namespaces);
route.DataTokens["area"] = AreaName;
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ASP.NET MVC expects that you have a matching view for the corresponding action when you call the View() method in the controller. So basically its telling you that you have to have a file called List.cshtml (or List.vbhtml) on the Views/Shared folder of your project or on the Views/News/ folder of your project. (Your controller is called NewsController and by convention the view is searched on the namn You can go to to see how this works.

Areas are a MVC feature to organize the code on your application, but you are probably missing some configuration for them.

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I am using areas very often, but how i say this behavior is new for me, i don't know where is the problem. – David Horák Nov 2 '12 at 17:23

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