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I'm looking for a config setting that will tell Grails 2.1 not to cache in a custom environment. This isn't needed in Dev, but if you specify a custom environment, it would seem that Grails treats it like Prod and caches GSPs. Other than writing a custom servlet, does anyone have a solution for this? Is there a config setting that I can set in Config.groovy?

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There is this plugin (I didn't test it yet, but sounds like something you could need): http://grails.org/plugin/cache-headers

And there is a setting for Config.groovy:


This is bad for performance, so don't use it in production environment!

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You rock! Thanks.... This isn't for prod, just a custom env we're developing in. FYI, this isn't cache-header related. It appears that Grails caches on the server as well. Clearing the cache on the browser didn't fix this. –  Michael D Johnson Nov 2 '12 at 16:06

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