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On unix I am trying to use AProVE, which uses Z3. I downloaded and built the source (4.1.2; although z3 -version shows 4.2). AProVE uses z3 with the -m option, but 4.2 does not support -m. According to the AProVE developers -m was available in z3 4.0.

How can I get source files for z3 that supports -m? Or, is there a simple fix to my problem?

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Model generation is enabled by default. We don't need to provide option -m anymore. If you can't change AProVE, you can create a wrapper for Z3 that removes the option -m before invoking Z3. Another option is to hack the file shell\main.cpp in the Z3 source code. It contains a function called

void parse_cmd_line_args(int argc, char ** argv)

To include a dummy -m option that doesn't do anything, you just have to include a new if-statement.

        else if (strcmp(opt_name, "m") == 0) {
            // do nothing
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Thanks! I modified main.cpp to ignore the -m option, and AProVE now successfully works with Z3. – Lew Baxter Nov 2 '12 at 17:37
Great! Could you close/accept the answer? In this way, other users know that the issue was solved. – Leonardo de Moura Nov 2 '12 at 19:09

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