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I am a user of a google spreadsheet(not the owner) with Edit permission, and want to reference to a script library created by another user. I know that the library script key and that the library has versions available. But when try to reference it in the script editor > Resource > Manage Libraries, I am getting the following error.

 *You do not have access to library LIB, used by your script, or it has been deleted.*

I am actually an owner of the library script. Am I missing something to make the library available to other users? Missing somesteps???


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Yes, you need to share your library to allow others (in this case the Owner of the spreadsheet) to use it. There are some steps outlined in this post but the gist of it is - 1. Open the Library project in the script editor 2. Go to File -> Share

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The problem was that I created a script project as 'Blank Project', which does not have 'Share' menu item under File. So I had to create another project as 'Script as Web App' and was able to share the project. Thanks. – Tim Nov 4 '12 at 2:30

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