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Im a beginner in C. Im using scanf function in my c program and its getting stuck and the program moves ahead only when i type exit. The part of the code in which Im facing problem is:

        printf("%s %s %s %d %d %s %s %f \n\n",emr.fname,emr.lname,emr.company_name,emr.emr_id,emr.agt_id,emr.pol_start_date,emr.pol_end_date,emr.amount);
        printf("Enter New First Name, Last Name, Company Name, EmployerID, AgentID, Policy Start Date, Policy End Date, Amount : ");
        scanf("%s %s %s %d %d %s %s %f \n",emr.fname,emr.lname,emr.company_name,&emr.emr_id,&emr.agt_id,emr.pol_start_date,emr.pol_end_date,&emr.amount);
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scanf("%s %s %s %d %d %s %s %f \n");

the final " \n" consumes all whitespace after the float has been read. That means the scanf only returns after it received a non-whitespace character after the float - for that character to reach the program, you typically need to enter a newline after it.

If you remove the final whitespace from the format string,

scanf("%s %s %s %d %d %s %s %f");

the scanf returns as soon as it finished reading the float. Then it will leave the newline - or whatever character follows the float in the input` in the input buffer, so it is probably necessary to clear the input buffer before further scans.

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