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I am developping a wordpress website (mywebsite.net) and have two versions:

  • A published version (host at a IP adresse xx.xx.xx.xx)
  • A local version (host locally at

If I want to switch between the local and the hosted version, I have to change the /etc/hosts file.

Is there another simpler way to switch? I'm thinking for example to a firefox extension which would override the DNS settings: it would allow me to access the published version with Safari and the local with firefox.

I could also use to different dns but it would broke wordpress link which are absolute.

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You can make a fake local domain like wordpress.localhost in your hosts file. I have dozens of these, all running on The domain is different, but in most PHP apps, that's a simple change if any. You could also make a local subdomain like dev.mywebsite.net, which could help in some cases. You mention broken links, but I've found this a great reason to always use relative paths.

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yes but the issue is that wordpress use absolute link... – Martin Delille Nov 2 '12 at 17:40

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