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My program has the following structure where the boxes represent assemblies and the arrows represent references:

Assembly structure

The WpfElements assembly contains a resource dictionary in its Resources.xaml, which contains some styles:

<ResourceDictionary x:Key="DialogDockStyle">

The WpfControls assembly contains a window, which references these styles:

<StackPanel ... Resources="{StaticResource DialogDockStyle}">

The Server and Client assemblies are executables that instantiate this window and display it.

This works great for the Server. The window is displayed and can be used. However, when the same code is run from the Client, an error occures instantiating the window:

The resource with the name "DialogDockStyle" cannot be found.

It is a bit weird that is works from one assembly and not from the other. Is there anything I might have overseen to make it work from both assemblies?

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I missed to specify the resources in the App.xaml like this:

            <ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/WpfElements;component/Resources.xaml"/>
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