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I need to execute these commands at startup:

Ctrl+w J
Ctrl+w k
Ctrl+w l
Ctrl+w L

in vim to place windows in special way. What should I put in .vimrc? I tried this:

execute "normal \<C-W> J"
execute "normal \<C-W> k"
execute "normal \<C-W> l"
execute "normal \<C-W> L"

but it doesn't work

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The space that you put between the closing angle bracket and the letter means that you're telling Vim to do Ctrl+W spacebar then some normal mode command that isn't a window command. Remove the spaces and you'll be good.

The Ctrl-W commands can also be named :wincmd so you could also replace all of the execute/normal shenanigans like this:

wincmd J
wincmd k
wincmd l
wincmd L
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I suspect that you want to organize a default workspace. If I'm right, you need to read :help :mksession.

Your ~/.vimrc is read before any window is created so putting window-related commands in it doesn't really make much sense.

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