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After save dialog when create new event by dayClick I use this code

addEvent(calEvent); // запиcываем в БД при создании eventa 


                $('#calendar').fullCalendar('removeEventSource', source1);
                $('#calendar').fullCalendar('removeEventSource', source2);
                $('#calendar').fullCalendar('removeEventSource', source3);
                $('#calendar').fullCalendar('removeEvents'); // need it for not generating doubles of events

                var source1 =  
                        url: '/admin_schedule/get_schedule_db/',//"<?echo $data_path?>",
                var source2 =  {
                        url: '/admin_schedule/get_schedule_db_recurring_events/',//"<?echo $data_path?>",
                        backgroundColor: 'green',
                        //borderColor: 'yellow',
                        //textColor: 'black' // an option!
                var source3 =  {
                        url: '/admin_schedule/get_schedule_db_recurring_events_on_daysweek/',//"<?echo $data_path?>",
                        backgroundColor: 'red',

                $('#calendar').fullCalendar('addEventSource', source1); // without this 3 lines fullcalendar doesn't refetch in Safari, but WITH them it renders doubles in all browsers
                $('#calendar').fullCalendar('addEventSource', source2);
                $('#calendar').fullCalendar('addEventSource', source3);
                  $calendar.fullCalendar('updateEvent', calEvent);   // обновляет календарь после закрытия dialog'а  

And it doesn't rerender calendar events in Safari and Opera browsers. But it works in Chrome and Firefox. Where are mistakes?

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Just make refetchEvents inside addEvent() function!

So in save dialog leave

addEvent(calEvent); // запиcываем в БД при создании eventa 


And insert into addEvent - $('#calendar').fullCalendar('refetchEvents');

function addEvent(calEvent) { 
                        //var start = Date.parse(calEvent.start) / 1000; // 1323930600
                        //var end = Date.parse(calEvent.end) / 1000;

                        var start = $.fullCalendar.formatDate(calEvent.start, "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm");
                        var end = $.fullCalendar.formatDate(calEvent.end, "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm");
                        var recurring_start = $.fullCalendar.formatDate(calEvent.recurring_start, "yyyy-MM-dd");
                        var recurring_end = $.fullCalendar.formatDate(calEvent.recurring_end, "yyyy-MM-dd");

                        //set form data into a variable
                  var dataString = 'title='+calEvent.title+'&start='+start+'&end='+end+'&recurring_start='+recurring_start+'&recurring_end='+recurring_end+'&frequency_as_day='+calEvent.frequency_as_day+'&body='+calEvent.body+'&teacher_id='+calEvent.teacher_id;
                  dataString = dataString + calEvent.days;
                    data: dataString,
                            //on succes clear form
                            //show result
                    //$(".helper").html(html).fadeIn('slow').animate({opacity: 1.0}, 2000);
                            //remove old fullcalendar data source
                    //$("#calendar").fullCalendar( 'removeEventSource', '<?echo $data_path?>' )
                            //add a new one 
                    //$("#calendar").fullCalendar( 'addEventSource','<?echo $data_path?>');
                 return false;
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