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I want to have spring security that should be configurable through a boolean flag- switch on/off kind of functionality.

For example,

<bean class="org.springframework.ws.server...">
<property name="interceptors">
----> Here I would like an if condition test based on external property i.e. if true, register the interceptor, else do nothing
   <ref local="wsSecurityInterceptor">
--> other interceptors like logging etc.

Is this possible in config.xml? Thanks a lot.

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If you are using Spring 3.1, you may try using new feature called Profile. An Example

Let me know, if you need more details on it.

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That appears to be relevant to this sort of discussion. –  Donal Fellows Nov 2 '12 at 20:29
I guess this is exactly the solution I am looking for.... thanks –  Sai Nov 3 '12 at 11:22

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