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Been trying to validate with a 10 digit phone number, no spaces or any other characters other than numbers. I think I have the correct reg ex but am unsure how to implement the code so it works with NO spaces too.

What I've done so far: Added in jquery.validationEngine-en.js

// ADDED for 10 digit phone
"phone10": {
  "regex": /^[\d ]+$/, 
  // alertText brings up two error messages so using alertText2
  "alertText2": " numbers only: xxxxxxxxxx", 

I then added the phone10 case statement in jquery.validationEngine.js:

case "phone10":
  errorMsg = methods._getErrorMessage(form, field, rules[i], rules, i, 
    options, methods._phone10Size);

And put the function below called _phone10Size:

_phone10Size: function(field, rules, i, options) {
  var max = rules[i + 1];
  var len = field.val().length;

  if (len < 10) {
    var rule = options.allrules.phone10;
    return 10 + rule.alertText2;

Oh yeah, I've also had to put maxlength="10" on the form input field. I know it's not elegant or even "proper". Can someone tell me how to implement this 10 digits only that doesn't allow spaces? Thank you.

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You have a space in the regex – asawyer Nov 2 '12 at 18:00

Figured out a solution for 10 numbers only (no spaces). For my class on the field I've put:

class="validate[required,custom[onlyNumber],minSize[10],maxSize[10]] text-input"

and added the function OnlyNumber to line 97 in the jquery.validationEngine-en.js file:

"onlyNumber": {
    "regex": /^[0-9]+$/,
    "alertText": "* Numbers only"
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Please accept this answer. – Adrian Heine Nov 22 '12 at 8:43
Please accept this answer – Pragnesh Rupapara Aug 5 '13 at 9:19
there is alerady function present for phone why did u need to add it "phone": { // credit: jquery.h5validate.js / orefalo "regex": /^([\+][0-9]{1,3}([ \.\-])?)?([(][0-9]{1,6}[)])?([0-9 \.\-]{1,32})(([A-Za-z \:]{1,11})?[0-9]{1,4}?)$/, "alertText": "* Invalid phone number" }, – CY5 May 18 '15 at 11:02

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