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I have written a script to run on a server. I have access the the Windows server itself, but it does not have a GUI - it is just a command terminal. The script I need is saved on a USB Thumb drive, and I am struggling to copy it onto the server (which I have access to).

I have tried:

mkdir myFolder
copy script.txt C:\myFolder

In response to this, the server prints

Successfully Copied

But when I try

cd C:\myFolder

I get an invalid directory name error. What am I doing wrong?

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I was editing my post with what I tried.. – parliament Nov 2 '12 at 19:02
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You need to first create the directory, and then change to that drive and directory after copying. For instance, if your USB drive is G:

Change to drive G:, create the folder on C:, and then copy the file

md C:\TargetFolder
xcopy file.txt C:\TargetFolder

Then change to drive C: and make TargetFolder the current directory

cd \TargetFolder

or, in one command:

cd /d C:\TargetFolder

Or, if you're already on drive C: to start

md \TargetFolder
cd \TargetFolder
xcopy G:\file.txt
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