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How can I pass the 'email' attribute value in a :subscriber factory to it's association :authentication

Eg :

factory :subscriber, :class => Subscriber do                                                                                                   
  sequence(:name) { |n| "test_user_#{n}" }                                                                                                     
  sequence(:email) { |n| "test_user_#{n}@example.com"}                                                                                                                   
  association :authentication, factory: :authentication, email: email       

factory :authentication do
  sequence(:email) { |n| "test_user_#{n}@example.com"} 
  password 'pass'

Is giving me error

   Trait not registered: email
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I think you need to make your association call dynamic because of the email variable that can change:

authentication {association :authentication, email: email}
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