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I'm writing a j2me application using LWUIT. I make a GUI in the LWUIT Resource Editor. But there's a little problem: when I switch through the Forms in my mobile application, the "back" soft button appears (it's task is to move user to the previous form). It turns out, however, that it's ineptly in my program. So, how can I get rid of it? If possible, how can I do so through a quite comfortable LWUIT Resource Editor (the whole GUI is made in it).

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The Form object have a method to capture the default back Command. This method is the following Form API getBackCommand

Use this method to get the back Commandand after that, remove it with the Form.removeCommand(backCommand)

If this doesn't work, take a look in the Commands added in the resource editor. The resource editor always add a back Command when the Form is the navigation of the program

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