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Which USB classes are supported by a standard installation of Windows/Linux/etc, without product-specific drivers?

For example, a mass storage device is always supported, no matter what its VID/PID combination. What other classes work like this?

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I don't know that this is all that programming related, but human interface devices are generally pretty well supported. There are of course still some HIDs which require "special" drivers for their extra features (drawing tablets, I'm looking at you).

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For Windows, the answer to the title is really "none". All devices would require a driver, but some have in-box drivers. The more detailed question is answered by USB FAQ : class drivers @ Microsoft WHDC

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With HID you can basically write a translation driver in userspace if it's some unusual device that requires machine state to be useful.

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Windows 7 also has support for MTP over USB (which is an extension to the PTP class)

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