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ShareThis does not seem to have a way to update URL which dynamically changes for html5 history-enabled or ajax-driven sites.

I tried this function to update it but URL remains original:

function initShareThis(){
    var el = document.getElementById("lotShareThis");
    var target = el.firstChild;
    for (var i in stWidget.shareables) {
        if (stWidget.shareables[i].element === target) {
            stWidget.shareables[i].url = window.location.href;

I also tried this but no any effect:

        "url": document.location.href,

Any good advice whoever came across this situation?

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You can always try removing the shareThis JS block from the DOM and reinserting it. – Diodeus Nov 2 '12 at 20:13

If you want to try this using AddThis, you can change the title and url by updating the page's title and history like this:

var title = "New Title"
window.document.title = title;
window.history.pushState({path: href}, title, href);

And then you just have to call:

addthis.toolbox('[selector for AddThis buttons]');

This will force all the share buttons to update themselves and use the new title/url specified. If you're still struggling with ShareThis, give this a try.

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This is the correct answer. – Skatox Jul 19 '15 at 16:25
stWidget.shareables[0].url = window.location.href;
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Please add an explanation, even if it seems obvious to you. – Johannes Jander Mar 15 at 14:11

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