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I'm a little confused as to what the difference is between a message broker e.g. RabbitMQ and Message-orientated Middleware. I can't find much info apart from what's on Wikipedia. When searching MOM I find info on AMQP which states is a protocol for MOM.. what does this mean? What is MOM then? I also have read that RabbitMQ implements the AMPQ protocol.. so why does that make a RabbitMQ a messsage broker? Are a message broker and MOM the same thing?

Hope some can unravel my confusion. thanks

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"MOM" broadly means any technology that can deliver "messages" from one user-space application to another. A message is usually understood to be a discrete piece of information, as compared to a stream.

MOM products used to be quite large and complex: CORBA, JMS, TIBCO, WebsphereMQ, etc. and tried to do a lot more than simply deliver messages.

A broker is a particular set of routing and queuing patterns, and we usually use the term "broker" specifically in MOM (as compared to HTTP, email, XMPP, etc.) Routing means, one message goes to one peer, to one of many peers, to all of many peers, etc. Queuing means messages are held in memory or disk until they can be delivered (and in some cases, acknowledged).

AMQP used to specific those broker patters, so an application could rely on consistent behavior from any AMQP-compatible broker (thus RabbitMQ and OpenAMQ looked much the same to a client app, like two HTTP or two XMPP servers would look the same). AMQP/1.0 specifies just the connection between nodes, so you don't have guarantees of behavior. This makes AMQP/1.0 much easier for firms to implement, but doesn't deliver interoperability.

ZeroMQ is message-oriented middleware that defines, like AMQP/1.0, the connections between pieces rather than the behaviour of a central broker. However it's relatively easy to write MOM brokers using 0MQ, and we've done a few of these (like Majordomo).

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Message brokers are one (quite popular) kind of MOM. Another kind of MOM would be brokerless MOM, like ZeroMQ. With broker based MOM, all messages go to one central place: broker, and get distributed from there. Broker less MOM usually allows for peer to peer messaging (but does not exclude option of central server as well) .

AMQP is broker based MOM protocol definition (at least all versions prior to 1.0, which drifts into more general MOM), and there are several different Message brokers implementing that protocol, RabbitMQ is just one of them.

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