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I'm trying to implement a project what uses NatNet SDK, an SDK for connecting to an optical tracking camera software.

My problem is the following: I'm trying to use the simplest possible example to connect to a server, but it behaves differently when I compile it under VS2010 and when I run the supplied exe. The SDK solutions and compiled versions are from VS2005.

There is a single line in the program to set up a callback.

theClient->SetDataCallback( DataHandler, theClient );   // this function will receive data from the server

The problem is that if I compile the project under VS2010, it compiles fine and runs fine, but the callback doesn't get triggered, the client believes like nothing happens.

If I re-compile a test-server application, the new, compiled client works with the new, compiled server.

Here is a small summary of how the different compiled client and servers function.

  • original client - ARENA => OK
  • original client - original server => OK
  • original client - VS2010 compiled server => not working, only receiving a single line
  • VS2010 compiled client - ARENA => not working, not receiving anything
  • VS2010 compiled client - original server => not working, not
  • receiving anything VS2010 compiled client - VS 2010 compiled server => OK

I'm really not experienced on this level of Visual Studio version differences and I don't know how could I debug a non-triggering callback. Since I'm forced to connect to the supplied software (ARENA), I cannot just recompile it, like I did with the sample server solution.

Can you help in the following questions?

  • What can be the difference between the VS2005 and VS2010 what makes these callback functions not work with versions compiled from each other?
  • Is it possible to fix it with a simple build setting? If not, how can I debug where the problem happens?
  • And finally, would you recommend me using a pure socket-based implementation instead of the SDK given that they've provided one and that it seems that the SDK hasn't been updated for a couple of Visual Studio versions now?
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Please, provide the prototype of the callback function. And the types used in arguments and return value. – Mikhail Nov 2 '12 at 21:11
It's closed source with only these header files. I tried to get some information out of these, but it all seems just data oriented. pastebin.com/WHzfixtX and pastebin.com/bJR0N0Aa – zsero Nov 2 '12 at 21:23
Are you sure the VS2005 samples work fine? Did you try it for yourself? – Mikhail Nov 2 '12 at 21:29
I don't have VS2005, but the compiled exe files what they've given work fine, and the solutions are for VS2005. If you believe this is too vendor specific problem then I can leave it and just implement the pure socket-based way. – zsero Nov 2 '12 at 21:44
I believe this should behave the same in VS2005 and VS2010. For now you don't have a clear scenario which works under VS2005, but doesn't work under VS2010. – Mikhail Nov 2 '12 at 21:55

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