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Is it possible to get the Window object for a particular View (or PopupWindow)?

My app is a keyboard so it is a Service (an InputMethodService), not an Activity. Therefore I cannot use Activity.getWindow(). However, it has Views, so it presumably has a Window too, no? How do I get it?

Thanks in advance...

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Very good question, indeed. I can think of two possible approaches: (1) use View.getWindowToken and then try to get to the window from the retrieved IBinder interface. I have no idea what the implementation of it is, so you can try to use reflection to see what you got back; (2) use Context.getSystemService(WINDOW_SERVICE) to get the WindowManager - and try going from there. I haven't tried either of the two, hence posting this as a comment and not an answer. –  Aleks G Nov 2 '12 at 21:18
@AleksG: Sorry for this late reply. I already tried both your suggestions but nothing worked. Thank you! –  Barry Fruitman Nov 8 '12 at 21:34

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I found the solution:

    InputMethodService ims;
    Dialog dialog = ims.getWindow();
    Window window = dialog.getWindow();

or simply:

    Window window = ims.getWindow().getWindow();

(This works with an InputMethodService and is not necessarily applicable to other Services.)

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