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Probably a poor question, but I'm using Django's UserCreationForm (slightly modified to include email), and I would like to remove the help_text that Django automatically displays on the HTML page.

On the Register portion of my HTML page, it has the Username, Email, Password1 & Password 2 fields. But underneath Username is "Required. 30 characters or fewer. Letters, digits, and @... only." And under Password Confirmation (Password 2), it says "Enter the same password as above for verification."

How do I remove these?
class UserCreateForm(UserCreationForm):
    email = forms.EmailField(required=True)

    def save(self, commit=True):
        user = super(UserCreateForm, self).save(commit=False) = self.cleaned_data['email']
        if commit:
        return user

    class Meta:
        model = User
        fields = ("username", "email", "password1", "password2")
        exclude = ('username.help_text')
def index(request):
    r = Movie.objects.all().order_by('-pub_date')
    form = UserCreateForm()
    return render_to_response('qanda/index.html', {'latest_movie_list': r, 'form':form},     context_instance = RequestContext(request))

<form action = "/home/register/" method = "post" id = "register">{% csrf_token %}
    <h6> Create an account </h6>
    {{ form.as_p }}
    <input type = "submit" value = "Create!">
    <input type = "hidden" name = "next" value = "{{ next|escape }}" />
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You can set help_text of fields to None in __init__

from django.contrib.auth.forms import UserCreationForm
from django import forms

class UserCreateForm(UserCreationForm):
    email = forms.EmailField(required=True)

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super(UserCreateForm, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)

        for fieldname in ['username', 'password1', 'password2']:
            self.fields[fieldname].help_text = None

print UserCreateForm()


<tr><th><label for="id_username">Username:</label></th><td><input id="id_username" type="text" name="username" maxlength="30" /></td></tr>
<tr><th><label for="id_password1">Password:</label></th><td><input type="password" name="password1" id="id_password1" /></td></tr>
<tr><th><label for="id_password2">Password confirmation:</label></th><td><input type="password" name="password2" id="id_password2" /></td></tr>
<tr><th><label for="id_email">Email:</label></th><td><input type="text" name="email" id="id_email" /></td></tr>

If you are doing too many changes, in such cases it is better to just override the fields e.g.

class UserCreateForm(UserCreationForm):
    password2 = forms.CharField(label=_("Whatever"), widget=MyPasswordInput 

but in your case my solution will work very well.

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awesome. thanks for the help! – Chris Yin Nov 2 '12 at 21:32

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