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I'm stuck. I'm trying to find a way to read ID3 tags in an MP3 & FLAC files in Python 3. Everywhere I turn, the answer is about some library or module that only works in Python 2, including questions I've found on this subject here at StackOverflow. Does anyone know of a module that works with Python 3?

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There's some effort in progress to port mutagen to Python 3. This branch seems to be mostly functional. –  Pedro Romano Nov 4 '12 at 11:15

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Check out this project called stagger !

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Thanks, this seems pretty good! –  Zamphatta Jan 13 at 10:32
Hi, I've tried using this and it seems to fail if you try to read tags on a file without id3 tags! Is there a way to check for that first? I can't find much documentation on Stagger at all! –  Adi Bradfield Feb 27 at 18:54

I had the same problem, so I wrote my own library, supports MP3 and OGG files, take a look to the documentation:


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I like it, but I also need to get the data out of my FLAC files too. I have a lot of them. I'm lookin' to make a database of my music collection & update it regularly by having it spider my mp3 & FLAC files. –  Zamphatta Jan 13 at 10:33
I'm trying to use your library, but I'm getting the error "ImportError: Unable to find magic library". I'm new to Python, so any idea why this is? –  Adi Bradfield Feb 27 at 19:06
@AdiBradfield Did you install pytag using 'pip install pytag'? What OS do you have? –  José Luis Feb 27 at 22:07
Yes I used pip. I'm on Windows 8 x86 –  Adi Bradfield Feb 27 at 22:10
@AdiBradfield In that case the problem is windows, as far as I know, there isn't a magic library for windows. Anyway, I wanted to make the use of libmagic optional, in that case should work for windows. I would try to make a new release this weekend to solve the problem. –  José Luis Feb 27 at 22:25

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