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I am a new at Zendframework 2. I am trying to join two tables and display the result.

The two tables are. Works and Artist . The tables are joined based on artist_id.

STEP 1> Created 2 class(Works , Artist) in Model STEP 2> In WorksTable I have the following code

class WorksTable extends AbstractTableGateway
     protected $table ='works';

    public function __construct(Adapter $adapter)

        $this->adapter = $adapter;
        $this->resultSetPrototype = new HydratingResultSet(
                new ArraySerializableHydrator(),
                new Works()

    public function fetchAll()
        $select = $this->getSql()->select();
        $select->join('works','artists.artist_id = artist_id ');

        //create paginator object to display records
        $paginator =  new Paginator(
                new DbSelect($select, $this->adapter, $this->resultSetPrototype)

        return $paginator;



STEP 3> In controller I defined the following code

public function searchAction()
        $request = $this->getRequest();
        $paginator = $this->getWorksTable()->fetchAll();
 //         $paginator->setItemCountPerPage(12);
        $vm = new ViewModel(array(
                'poster' => $paginator,
        $vm->setVariable('paginator', $paginator);
        return $vm;   

For statement $paginator->setItemCountPerPage(12); get error


SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1066 Not unique table/alias: 'works'

Has anyone come across this error? Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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you join works table to itself, mysql treat it as two separate tables joined but with same name, hence the error.

Use alias for table you join:

$select = $this->getSql()->select();
$select->join(array('w' => 'works'),'artists.artist_id = artist_id '); 

but it looks like it is just typo there and table should be artists

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