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Using the aggregate framework, what is the best way to get documents with a maximum value of a field per grouping so using the collection below I would like to have functionality to return one document for each group_id having the latest date. The second listing shows the desired result.

group_id date 
1        11/1/12  
1        11/2/12
1        11/3/12
2        11/1/12
3        11/2/12
3        11/3/12


group_id date
1        11/3/12
2        11/1/12
3        11/3/12
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What have you tried? – JohnnyHK Nov 2 '12 at 21:20
I know this isn't quite what you were looking for, but you could iterate through the group ids, and do something like : { group_id : n } ).sort( { date : -1 } ).limit( 1 ) -- for each group_id = n. This will sort all the documents with a given group id by date, and then only return the most recent one. – Louisa Nov 2 '12 at 21:54

You can use the $max grouping function in the Aggregation Framework to find the latest document for each group_id. You will need additional queries to retrieve the full documents based on the grouped criteria.

var results = new Array();
    // Find documents with latest date for each group_id
    { $group: {
        _id: '$group_id',
        date: { $max: '$date' },
    // Rename _id to group_id, so can use as find criteria
    { $project: {
        _id: 0,
        date: '$date'
).result.forEach(function(match) {
    // Find matching documents per group and push onto results array

Example results:

    "_id" : ObjectId("5096cfb8c24a6fd1a8b68551"),
    "group_id" : 1,
    "date" : ISODate("2012-11-03T00:00:00Z"),
    "foo" : "bar"
    "_id" : ObjectId("5096cfccc24a6fd1a8b68552"),
    "group_id" : 2,
    "date" : ISODate("2012-11-01T00:00:00Z"),
    "foo" : "baz"
    "_id" : ObjectId("5096cfddc24a6fd1a8b68553"),
    "group_id" : 3,
    "date" : ISODate("2012-11-03T00:00:00Z"),
    "foo" : "bat"
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Thanks, so how would I get these as the entire documents having the max date? Should I project after the grouping and grab all the fields explicitly? – user1795267 Nov 4 '12 at 14:46
Grouping will combine the documents, which probably isn't what you are intending. I've updated the example to use the aggregation framework to find the latest document _ids, and an $in query to fetch the full documents. – Stennie Nov 4 '12 at 20:32
@Stennie Thanks, this is great! But shouldn't the $max id selection just choose the highest _id and not the id of the doc with the $max date? Does ordering matter here? – Timothy055 Jan 23 '13 at 14:45
@Timothy055: You're correct .. I added the _id selection as a quick edit and this would only work if the max _id correlated with the max date. Have updated with a more general approach that uses the results of the $group as criteria to find matching documents. – Stennie Jan 24 '13 at 7:06

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