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I am new to Windows Phone development, especially to WP8. I have some minor experience with developing with WPF and I tried some proof-of-concept solutions with WP7.

So far I have been digging around the WP8 and didn't come to any answer that is targeting logging/tracing on WP8 and some usage of IOC. I have been developing for Android and been using Guice with RoboGuice. I have experience with both Windsor and Ninject, but it seems that WP8 isn't supported by any of those yet.

  • What is the suggested way to perform logging/tracing on WP8?
  • What are the best development and design patterns that should be used?
  • Is there any IoC or Service locator or any library targeting those features?

Can you suggest some good libraries/tools/frameworks?


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Probably the BugSense may be interesting for you.

Also as a starter ("just to have something") solution you can save trace data to IsolatedStorage and then share it on so that other can access it.

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Thanks, I will check that. Sorry for improper question here. – Martin Macak Nov 5 '12 at 10:30

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