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I've asked a similar question on codereview.stackexchange.com here, but I think I need to clarify a little bit.

Basically I'm integrating NHibernate, AutoFac, and the ASP.NET Web API by injecting a new session into my repository like so:

 // Register ISessionFactory as Singleton
    builder.Register(x => NHibernateConfigurator.BuildSessionFactory()).SingleInstance();

 // Register ISession as instance per web request
    builder.Register(x => x.Resolve<ISessionFactory>().OpenSession()).InstancePerApiRequest();

Next, I'm using an ActionFilterAttribute on my controller which looks the code below, and only opens a new session if nothing is bound to the session factory singleton:

public override void OnActionExecuting(System.Web.Http.Controllers.HttpActionContext actionContext)
    if (!CurrentSessionContext.HasBind(SessionFactory))

    var session = SessionFactory.GetCurrentSession();

Then binding in my repository constructor like so (if the new session wasn't already bound in the ActionFilterAttribute):

    public ClientRepository(ISession session) 
        if (session == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("nhSession");
        this._session = session;

What I'm worried about is the off-chance that a session is created in between the time the injected session is created and bound in the constructor of the repository, then just kind of sits open but unbound never to be closed.

I feel like there's a more efficient way to accomplish what I'm trying to achieve, and that there may be some concurrency issues with my current approach.

Basically my idea right now is that multiple requests can use the same session.

If anyone could provide any thoughts on the consequences of my current pattern I would greatly appreciate it.


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CurrentSessionContext and SessionFactory are static classes? Can you provide implementations? –  Jim Bolla Nov 5 '12 at 14:59
Jim, they are classes which are part of NHibernate. SessionFactory is a thread-safe class, though Session itself is not. See: mausch.github.com/nhibernate-3.2.0GA/Index.html. Hope my question makes sense in itself, let me know if I can clarify! –  slashp Nov 6 '12 at 16:54
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