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My Question: How do you run and download a report to text? In BuessinessObjects, you can download reports as a plain text file. And their documentation for the API indicates that you can download reports in various formats. How is this accomplished?

How to download them as PDF: In their documentation, they describe how to download them as a PDF file:

ViewSupport pdfViewSupport = new ViewSupport();

RetrieveBinaryView retBinView = new RetrieveBinaryView();

RetrieveData retBOData = new RetrieveData();

DocumentInformation docInfo = boReportEngine.getDocumentInformation(struid, null, null, null, retBOData);
BinaryView myBOView = (BinaryView) boDocInfo.getView();
byte[] docContents = myBOView.getContent();

When I change:




I get the following error:

org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Binary view of such a document should be only requested with the use of ViewType.BINARY (WRE 01151)

The funny thing is that I set the ViewType to be INT_CHARACTER, not BINARY...

It breaks on the line:

DocumentInformation docInfo = boReportEngine.getDocumentInformation(struid, null, null, null, retBOData);

What I'm trying to do: It's really complicated, but I basically want to have a report which returns a single row and just prints that on the report (nothing else) and then download that report as text because the text is xml which I use in another program.

Any help would be great!

Note: I'm running on a 3.2 server, but we'll be upgrading to 4.0 pretty soon. So if the solution could work for both versions, that'd be awesome, otherwise a v4 and v3.x solution would be awesome as well :)

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I found the answer to this, so if you're looking for the answer, just wait a while for me to post it :) – kentcdodds Nov 2 '12 at 23:30
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The problem this line:

RetrieveBinaryView retBinView = new RetrieveBinaryView();

So I don't know how this all works, but this is what you're looking for:

ViewSupport viewSupport = ViewSupport.Factory.newInstance();

RetrieveData retBOData = RetrieveData.Factory.newInstance();

RetrieveXMLView retXMLView = RetrieveXMLView.Factory.newInstance();
DocumentInformation boDocInfo = getDocInfo(actions, retBOData);
XMLView bView = (XMLView) boDocInfo.getView();
ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream(bView.getContentLength());
byte[] reportBytes = out.toByteArray();
String reportInString = new String(reportBytes);

However, the reportInString here is XML representing the report. So what I did was encapsulate what I want out of the report with a prefix and suffix. So, for example, let's say I encapsulate it with @#$ThisIsWhatYouWant- and -End$#@, then I would do the following:

Pattern patt = Pattern.compile("(?i)@#$ThisIsWhatYouWant-(.*?)-End$#@", Pattern.DOTALL);
Matcher match = patt.matcher(reportInString);
if (match.find()) {
return null;

P.S. This should work for both 3.x and 4.0 BO Servers.

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