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I couldn't do it any shorter :-/

I'm having a problem with my php project concerning redirects and $_GET.

I hope you will help me :)

Lets say I have these 3 folders in the root of my Webserver.


/themes contains a php file called /page.php
/page.php contains a dynamic PHP/HTML structure or theme, which I can use for different content files.

/project1 and /project2 contain mostly HTML content files which get included by /page.php.

/project1 and /project2 are the root folders for 2 different domains, so each contains an index.php.

Now the problem:
In order to get the websites for each domain to work I have to redirect the user to /themes/page.php, because thats where the functionality is and then include the correct content files.
To let /page.php know what content file out of /project1 or /project2 it has to load I use a redirect for index.php to fill $_GET ,like this :

header("Location: root-domain/themes/page.php?path=project1&file=content1");

That way page.php gets to know the path and filename of the requested file, by taking it from GET.

That way the user gets to know each folder and each filename, even of some php files. I don't know if that's good?
And the URL changes from the requested URL into the URL of my webserver root.

Does one know a better solution?

Thanks! <3

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Actually, I think there is a solution, you just need to use mod_rewrite, which is a module for Apache. With that, you could redirect all your URL requests to this one specific page of yours. Unfortunatelly, the "magic" behind mod_rewrite is little bit more complex, so I recommend you this documentation for further uses.

But for now, just check if you have a mod_rewrite turned on in server configuration, then simply create a file called .htaccess in directory project1 (or any other) and insert this little piece of code in it:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^([^/.]+)/?([^/.]+)?/?$ /themes/page.php?path=$1&file=$2 [QSA]

Hit save, and that should be it. Now every page request goes through /themes/page.php.

And by the way, you definitely shouldn't be exposing script names in url.

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