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I'm using HTTP Resource Test on Firefox and want to simulate a POST request. However I didn't find where to write the post parameters. There are only URI, Representation and Headers, is there any way that I can pass with some post parameter? (In Json format?)

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The payload of the post should go in the body of the request. It's shown here:

For example, if you were posting a JSON document you could just paste the JSON in the "Body" text area.

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I see a 'Body' text area for the server response (containing 'Life, the Universe, and Everything') but that can't be correct re: original question? – Michael Easter Jul 31 '13 at 11:07

The payload of the post should go in 'Client Request' / 'Representation'.

It's shown on this screenshot.

As an aside, this answer describes an excellent test server to use as a sanity-check.

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