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I have a counter that takes a sum from a database column and updates on every page load. I need to convert this to a live counter that updates without page load.

It's on a WordPress site, and I'm hoping not to have to create a separate page outside of WP in order to send the JSON array.

1) Is there any way to use the current page to submit/receive the POST data? 2) What's the best process for converting a simple 'SELECT * FROM' to something dynamic. Is ajax/jQuery the right choice?


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"Is ajax/jQuery the right choice?" Yes it is. – A. Wolff Nov 2 '12 at 22:45

Use the following to update the value every 5 seconds

        $.getJSON('/getLatestCount.php', function(data) {
}, 5000);

if the query needs to have the contents of a form, use:

        $.getJSON('/getLatestCount.php', $("#my_form_id").serialize(), function(data) {
}, 5000);

This doesn't use POST but GET but that shouldn't be a problem i think. In the http file use $_GET['my_field_name'] to access the form values.

You can output the json data in php through echo json_encode()

Looking at your question and that you're asking something for wordpress i'm not sure you know how to do this all though so i won't start going into depts about polling and websocket. This is the easiest way to do it.

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