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I have looked around the web for the standard formula for calculating repetitions in a document to be translated. I have not found it. For those who don't know what repetitions in translation means, this gives a good description of it.

I first tried something like this

using System;
using System.Collection.Generic;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
using System.Linq;
Dictionary<string, int> _dict = new Dictionary<string, int>();
int CalculateRepetitions(string plainTextDoc) {
    foreach (string item in Regex.Split(plainTextDoc, "\\P{L}+"))
        if (_dict.ContainsKey(item))
            _dict.Add(item, 0);
    return _dict.Where((key, value) => value > 0).Count();

but that was not close to the sample number from Trados for the same document, and was the wrong definition of repetitions anyway. Does anyone have a good example for calculating translation repetitions? I'm not expecting only C# answers, I'm good with java and c++ answers as well.

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The GMX/V standard might be your answer and there seems to be a C# implementation.

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The specification mentions that repetitions are 100% repeated segments, so that solves that issue. Also mentions the standard for word count, which I think you can use Regex to get. Thanks. –  BrainStorm.exe Nov 6 '12 at 20:27

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