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The view model has a circular reference, by design, making the use of <pre data-bind="text: ko.toJSON($data)"></pre> for debugging to throw:

Unable to parse bindings.
Message: TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON;
Bindings value: text: ko.toJSON($data) 

Is there a way to work around this?

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It is ultimately the call to JSON.stringify inside of ko.toJSON that causes your error.

One way that you can control the output of your JSON is by supplying a toJSON function on your object as described here: That way you can remove the circular reference in the appropriate place.

There are a few other techniques that you could use for this as well.

  • You can pass a second argument to ko.toJSON. This is the replacer option to JSON.stringify as described here:

    For example, you can pass an array of properties to include like:

    ko.toJSON(myobject, ["one", "two", "three"])
  • You can attach a property that you don't want to get turned into JSON as a "sub"-observable like: = ko.observable(); = parent;

In this case, data will get turned into JSON, but parent will just disappear, as it is a property on an observable that already gets unwrapped into its value.

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If you're open to add a reference to Dojo (may be just for debugging), then dojox.json.ref.toJson seems to be able to serialize JSON objects with circular references.

In this case, you can do:

<pre data-bind="text: dojox.json.ref.toJson($data)"></pre>

also there is this library worth checking that could probably provide a more lightweight solution than dojo:

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