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I have some problem with the highlight.

This is my CSS code:

html {
            -webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.7);
            -webkit-touch-callout: none;

This is my HTML code:

<a href="javascript: location.href = 'level://?id=123456';">
    <div class="Box" id="Box0">
        <table class="BoldText" style="margin:8px;">
                <td valign="top" width="50">
                    <div class="ProfileImage">
                        <div style="background:url(<url>) top left no-repeat;"></div>
                <td>gustaf98 published a level
                    <div style="width:220px; margin-top:4px;" class="lightText">Skiftnyckel</div>

And this is the result when I touch the box on my iPhone in a UIWebView:


And my question are, how can I get the black highlight over the whole box?

Please help!

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You have this applied to the entire HTML rather than a specific container according to your CSS. Do you have a working example of this, or a link?

Try applying it specifically to the box that you want to be highlighted.

For example...

.box {
        -webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.7);
        -webkit-touch-callout: none;
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This don't work for me. :( – Gustaf Rosenblad Nov 2 '12 at 23:30

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