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i got a (simple?) problem accessing _users table in SocialEngine. To access tables in SE4 i use this:

$table = Engine_Api::_()->getDbTable(tablename,tablegroup);

and this works fine for _user_online (->getDbTable('online','user')) etc. but i don't know how to access _users table (which has not tablegroup prefix).

i tried:

  • ->getDbTable('users')
  • ->getDbTable('','users')
  • ->getDbTable(null,'users')
  • ->getDbTable('foo','what_a')

no way.

any help? :/


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I suggest you read SocialEngine factory codes to find out answer to this kind of questions.

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yup! yeah you're right man but sometimes is messy without a codex! where should i've found this? –  Joe Casini Nov 3 '12 at 10:33
Like I said, read factory codes and see how they retrieve data from users table. –  Salman Nov 4 '12 at 3:58

you are missing commas

try this

$table = Engine_Api::_()->getDbTable('users','user');

it will give you users table object. hope this will help

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Try this one.

              ->where("your_field_name = ?", $variable)->limit(1);

              $query= $query->query()->fetch();

Hope this will help.

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