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Hello i'm having this variable which is string.

$this->product_output_html = <<< HTML

Some HTML Code


I want int he class test to add a php for loop like this one

if ($admin->errors) { foreach ($admin->errors as $error) { echo ''.$error.''; } }

i have tried to add but is not working. i added '' after the class="test"> and before the of the test but still is not working. what i'm doing wrong?

thanks a lot

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Code does not work within strings, including heredoc sections. If you meant something else, please show a complete example of what you were attempting. – mario Nov 3 '12 at 0:37

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try something like

$this->product_output_html = 'Start of html code as a string';
if ($admin->errors) {
  foreach ($admin->errors as $error) {
    $this->product_output_html .= '<br />'.$error;
$this->product_output_html .= '<br />End of html code as a string';
echo $this->product_output_html;
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echo ".$error.";


echo $error;
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