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I want to draw the Notification contentview, which is a RemoteViews, into a bitmap.

I'm using this code:

private Bitmap getImageOfRemoteViews(RemoteViews rv) {
  try {
        View view = rv.apply(mContext, null);
        view.measure(MeasureSpec.makeMeasureSpec(0, MeasureSpec.UNSPECIFIED),
                MeasureSpec.makeMeasureSpec(0, MeasureSpec.UNSPECIFIED));
        view.layout(0, 0, view.getMeasuredWidth(), view.getMeasuredHeight());
        Bitmap screenshot = view.getDrawingCache(true);
        return screenshot;
    } catch (Exception e) {
    return null;

the View is build into the bitmap but not the whole view, there is the right part missing.

As it should be:

As it is:

By manually setting the layout like:

view.layout(0, 0, 720, 250);

only the background color is added but not the 2 textviews (here: "1:12" and "Info")

Do someone have an idea how to fix this?

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It'd be great if this worked! – gregm Apr 4 '13 at 14:55
how do you even got this^ to work? I only get my views inflated, but with no values (TextViews are empty, AnalogClock always at 12.00). Any idea what I might be missing? – gilm Jul 1 '13 at 12:15

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