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I've been tasked with creating a GUI as part of a school project to control a small robot. I've gone through several iterations of the design now and I've really hit a roadblock in the design process and was hoping for some good feedback on how I might proceed.

The GUI needs to have live feedback from a webcam as well as a second window that displays object tracking information. I need to have several buttons for various commands / calibrations. I also need to update text data that will be fed back from the robot throughout the demonstration.

My first attempt at this whole thing was to use the standard windows form API but I ran into no end of issues when A: trying to display dynamic text, and B: Trying to start and manage other threads in the background of the GUI.

From there I moved on to openGL and I've been using the GLUT library which has worked out very well for me so far but I'm noticing that the GUI responds very slow and the feed from the webcam is choppy now. In doing research to find out how to speed things up, I'm seeing that GLUT isn't very friendly when it comes to multithreading (gah!).

So now I'm kind of at a crossroads here. I can make a functional GUI from what I have with openGL but I was really hoping for it to be snazzy. What should I be looking at in terms of development tools or libraries to make this project shine?

Oh, just a bit of additional information in case it's relevant. The image processing is being done with openCV so any solution I come up with for the GUI has to be compatible with openCV in order to grab the webcam stream and display it.

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Have a look at Qt. It is cross platform and there are some good tutorials on youtube on how to use it with OpenCV (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ONxIy8itRA)

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Multithreading in the GUI is almost always hard. However, handling responsiveness is fairly well thought out already. What you need to know is that the thread that handles the user interface is the ONLY thread that does so. For time-consuming or blocking requests, you can create background (or worker) threads whose sole purpose is to handle a small, well-defined tasks while the main GUI thread makes it look pretty. Once the worker thread is finished, it notifies the main thread that it is done.

If you have the need to do ongoing tasks, such as communication with the robot. You might want to create a thread that passes messages to and from the GUI and the robot.

Multithreading is very easy to screw up. Never have anything but the GUI thread running the GUI code. Message passing through locking data structures is key.

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