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So I have an MS Access DB with a parent table:

ID Autonumber
Description Text

A child table:

ID AutoNumber 
Description Text 
ParentID Number

I have created relationships:

Parent column: ID
Child column: ParentID
Enforce Ref Integrity, Cascade Update and Cascade Delete

I have dropped this into Visual Studio 2010, and the wizard has created DataSets and Adapters. I have modified the xsd to set the relationsship to Both Relation and Foreign Key Constraint and Update/Delete rules to Cascade.

So I try to add a parent record with an associated child record:

var taParent = new TestDataSetTableAdapters.ParentTableAdapter();
var taChild = new TestDataSetTableAdapters.ChildTableAdapter();
var ds = new TestDataSet();

var rowParent = ds.Parent.NewParentRow();
rowParent.Description = DateTime.Now.ToString();

var rowChild = ds.Child.NewChildRow();
rowChild.ChildText = DateTime.Now.ToString();

var parentId = rowParent.ID;  // <-- This is still -1
// taParent.Fill(ds.Parent);  // <-- Doing this hoping to reload the parent record gives:  Cannot clear table Parent because ForeignKeyConstraint ParentChild enforces constraints and there are child rows in Child.


but the child records ParentID is null.

If I try to:


I'll get
You cannot add or change a record because a related record is required in table 'Parent'.

What am I missing?

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Have you checked that after taParent.Update(ds) your rowParent actually has been updated and includes the proper ID from the database?

  • If it does, have you tried to set rowChild.SetParentRow(rowParent) before you save the Child taChild.Update(ds.Child)?

  • If your rowParent doesn't include a valid ID after taParent.Update(ds), have you tried to reload it from the database before assigning it to the child?

It looks like the issue is probably related to the fact that auto-increment IDs cannot be known before the data has been saved to the database, and then reloaded from it so you can assign that value to other records.

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Thanks, question updated with my attempts. The parent ID is never propagated back to the dataset. Reloading it fails. –  Magnus Nov 3 '12 at 7:45

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