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I am struggling finding a clear answer on disabling or overriding the color settings for the nano editor.

By default color syntax highlighting is enabled on my system. Clicking ALT+Y disables this, which is exactly what I want my default to be.

Any ideas?

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Do you have lines in your .nanorc that look like include /usr/share/nano/sh.nanorc? If so remove them and it should disable syntax highlighting for the language in the file name(sh.nanorc = shell, c.nanorc = c, etc). – Lipongo Nov 3 '12 at 2:06
not in my ~/.nanorc file, no. is there a default .nanorc somewhere? – seanomlor Nov 3 '12 at 23:10
@seanomlor The global nanorc configuration file for nano is located in /etc on Linux Mint (Ubuntu). – Attila T Nov 5 '12 at 17:28
@AttilaT., ahh, i was looking for a /etc/.nanorc file. it's simply /etc/nanorc. thank you. – seanomlor Nov 8 '12 at 23:01
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To disable syntax highlighting write following lines into ~/.nanorc

set quiet
syntax "disabled" "."

The first line prevent error reporing. The second line defines a new color syntax.

You can also define a single syntax containing your favorite color in your ~/.nanorc

syntax "disabled" "."
color brightgreen,black "."

I hope this helps.

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Excellent! I've beed scrouring the net for a while looking for just this! – Christopher Mahan Oct 17 '13 at 5:26

This worked for me better than above since I run a white background terminal. It just makes all the text black again.

set quiet
syntax "disabled" "."
color black "."
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