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I'm using HTML5's local storage to save a small database of user's preferences. To do that I have the following function:

function save(UserDB) {
    if (window.localStorage) {  // Only do this if the browser supports it
        localStorage.setObject('UserDataBase', JSON.stringify(UserDB));


Storage.prototype.setObject = function(key, value) {
    this.setItem(key, JSON.stringify(value));

UserDB is an array of objects similar to this:

[{"uid":"ABC","groupname":"My Group","calendarid":"sdf44d7g3ak5q8ifdrl308hk0@group.calendar.google.com","link":null,"userenable":true,"color":"528800"},{"uid":"CdO","groupname":"CKHO","calendarid":"apkrty45sdfer44fd1mr55dfghfg8@group.calendar.google.com","link":null,"userenable":true,"color":"AB8B00"}]

This seems to work just fine.

Then, when the user loads the site again I'd want to be able to regenerate the object array in a variable from the information stored in the previous session:

Storage.prototype.getObject = function(key) {
        var value = JSON.parse(this.getItem(key));
        return JSON.parse(value);

This also seems to work. The problem is when I use this last function to actually store the array:

    function ApplyUserConfiguration(Data) {

    if (window.localStorage) {  
        var UserDBx = localStorage.getObject('UserDataBase');
        console.log("User Configuraiton found");
        for (var i = 0; i < Data.length; i++){
            for (var j=0; j< 5; j++){
                if(Data[i].uid == UserDBx[j].uid){
                    Data[i].userenable = UserDBx[j].userenable;
                    Data[i].Color = UserDBx[j].color;
                    delete UserDBx[j];
    return Data;

It turned out that console.log(localStorage.getObject('UserDataBase')); returns the object array correctly but console.log(UserDBx); returns the object array with the first element as "undefined". Any idea why this happens?

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I noticed I was using JSON.stringify twice. I fixed it but the result is the same. I think it's important to point out that the issue seems to be in the following assignment: var UserDBx = localStorage.getObject('UserDataBase'); As the right side returns the correct value but the left doesn't I just don't see the error. – Thelemitian Nov 3 '12 at 2:56
There were many questions in SO regarding console logging bug on Chrome/Safari. You might want to check them. – Jay Nov 3 '12 at 3:50
@Jay, yeah it could have been a bug If I explicitly call UserDBx[0] I can access its contents. So far seems to be Chrome's console the one that cannot represent the first element. I was getting a type error during run-time but it turned out to be for another reason. Yet, using console.log(UserDB) still shows the first element as undefined but the rest of the code can use it. – Thelemitian Nov 3 '12 at 4:39

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