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When controlling OpenGL from other threads, if it is GLSurfaceView, we use queueEvent(). Then, in cases where OpenGL is created on SurfaceView (use eglCreateWindowSurface, eglMakeCurrent, etc.), how should I implement for operating OpenGL from other threads?

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I am facing a very, very similar problem where I have to draw a 3D scene while loading assets. If I can find anything useful, I will help you. – dragostis Nov 3 '12 at 16:06

You can implement your own queueEvent.

  1. Make a queue. (ArrayList<Runnable> mQueue)
  2. queueEvent() adds Runnable instances to this queue(mQueue).
  3. Your SurfaceView's rendering thread pops event from the queue.
  4. invokes

Use locks (synchronized or explicit locks) to avoid problems.

In GLSurfaceView, there are 3 and 4 steps in a loop of GLThread and mQueue is protected by synchronized blocks.

see also: GLSurfaceView

PS: sorry for my poor english.

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