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Firstly, the relevant configuration that I've set in my current application.conf, which is actually pretty much defined in the Java/Scala Ebean documentation from Play:


I am running Play Framework 2.0.4

After poking around with Play, I wrote a couple of integration tests for my sample app. Found this nice example on how to use Ebean to generate ddl code for my model and decided to give it a try but it seems that my Ebean configuration is missing something.

My code pretty much follows the example above, but it is Scala:

def setUp = {
    val server = Ebean.getServer("default")
    val ddl = new DdlGenerator(server.asInstaceOf[SpiEbeanServer], new H2Platform, config)

Calling Ebean.getServer("default") throws this exception: Could not create an instance of MyClassSpec caused by java.lang.RuntimeException: DataSource user is null?

Hm, maybe I got something wrong but I believed that the db.default.* properties had already set whatever Ebean needed.

I am too refering the same datasource name ("default") in both my application and Ebean and my test code is defined inside a running(FakeApplication(additionalConfiguration = inMemoryDatabase("default"))) code block.

Is there anything more to configure? Thank you!

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Try using db.default.user=sa (ie without the double quotes). –  nico_ekito Nov 4 '12 at 13:55

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Well, I made it work with the ebean.properties file as described here.


datasource.default.heartbeatsql=select 1  

So my database (ebean) related configuration is set in another file, with actually needing to be defined ebeans.default="models.*" in application.conf and ebeanEnabled := true in Build.scala

Hope it helps someone too!

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Results in "In the map, path 'datasource.default' occurs as both the parent object of a value and as a value. Because Map has no defined ordering, this is a broken situation." for me. –  kolen Feb 11 '13 at 21:05
For me, this problem was caused by ebean.default="models.*" line commented out in config, and setting username and password is unnecessarry for h2 — it works without these keys, tried. –  kolen Feb 12 '13 at 8:53

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