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How do I implement tooltips on mouse over for links in a D3 directed graph layout? I'm adapting the D3 force example, so setting up node tooltips was straightforward using code like this:

        .text(function(n) {

Trying a similar technique with the links didn't result in mouse over tool tips:

    var link = svg.selectAll("")
        .attr("class", "link")
        .style("stroke-width", function(d) {
            return 4;

    .text(function(n) {
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You can find different solutions suggested by Mike Bostock on this Google Groups thread "show value when click or move mouse over on d3.svg.line"

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Setting the link title as shown above does result in mouse over tooltips -- iff you let the mouse hover over any portion of the link a couple of seconds.

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I think what you are looking for is a combination of these two answers:

d3js: _on()_ doesn't send the current datum object to the onmouse function


Adding tooltip to bar chart generated using svg path

Both have jsFiddles you can play with.

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