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I am building an iOS app, where I am doing a condition check for existance for a particular data. Please find the code I am using for Android,This condition check is done inside SplashScreenActivty

     startActivity(new Intent(this,Activate.class))
     startActivity(new Intent(this,Tabs.class))

How do I proceed with this logic in iOS. I am looking confused for selecting a template. Shall I go with for SplashScreenActivity. I have also found that iOS does not have anything like the SplashScreen. So how do I begin my app ?

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There are two ways for this .

  • Follow first way, if you want to display splash image only.
  • Follow second way if you want to do some customisation programmatically in splash image

1:) Rename your image as Default.png

2:) Add new view controller with xib, write your stuff there in viewcontroller.m . Set timer using NSTimer & disappear it after your requiered time.

  • // For first way // I assume you are creating your app for iPhone environment only not for iPad or universal
  • // For second way // I assume you have not any click event

Enjoy Programmming

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