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I'm using CKEditor with BBCode plugin and I need to add custom tags like a spoiler tag and another one which would provide the possibility to link to a site user's profile.
spoiler tags would work like blockquote tags: clicking the button and getting the code. I copied blockquote/plugin.js and changed all blockquote strings to spoiler and quote to spoil. Then I added extraPlugins: 'spoiler' to the configuration and a button on the toolbar. It appears correctly, but it generates a wrong code.
For example, if I click the blockquote button after selecting a text, the following code gets generated:

[quote]some text[/quote]

but when I click my new button, I get the following code:


So it doesn't work.

I would also like to create a button for linking to a user. It should work like this: after clicking the button, a dialog would show up with a search field (AJAX is not a problem), and the result would be a list of users; when a user would be chosen and the OK button would be clicked, it would generate a code like the following:


1 - id of user, Admin - his name.

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Which version of CKEditor are you using? –  Paul Tomkiel Feb 28 at 12:58
You most likely want to edit plugins/bbcode/plugin.js. There are two variables there, bbcodeMap and convertMap. This plugin turns HTML into BBCode, so you will want to add a new definition for your spoiler tag. –  timgws Apr 13 at 2:32

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